Saturday, 5 May 2012

That First Post...

We've been organising this show since December 2011 so it is great to finally start this blog!

I'm just planning to give you a breakdown of some of the cool stuff you should expect from us, and a bit of information about the show that we can confirm. Enjoy!


We are going to be performing in Theatre One at theSpaceUK@North Bridge. It's an awesome 57 seat venue, and we have a prime time slot, 6:30pm to 7:30pm! It's central and looks very professional, black box theatre in the Carlton hotel. Swish.


We have one part that is currently being cast, but our current lovely cast members are Michelle Fahrenheim, Edward Nash, Matthew Howell, and Harriet Hare. You'll be hearing more from them soon.


We have set up the Last Draft TC website with all the information on the company. We really hope you'll check us out there and follow/like us on your social networks because we are planning to do several other projects after Dirty Blood.

That's all for now- but expect some videos, interviews, and more updates as we get into full swing after the programme launch!

Over and out,