Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Reviews!

We are so lucky that we managed to gain a lot of good press during our Edinburgh run. Here is a rundown or what we got with links to full articles:

Broadway Baby - ★★★★

"It could have very easily become a vehicle of controversy, but to the credit of the company, family and relationship dynamics took centre stage."

"thought-provoking, serious and tender."

ThreeWeeks - ★★★★

"The skilful cast deliver their lines with excellent timing and imbue their characters with believable warmth"

"a great piece of new theatre that’s well worth seeing"

Scotsgay - ★★★★

"We could do with more plays of this type and calibre."

TheatreReviewer - ★★★★

"near perfect performance"

"An entirely satisfying piece of theatre that captures the nature of the Fringe"

Edinburgh Theatre Review (do not award stars)

"Dirty Blood is a well-argued statement on the inequalities and institutional prejudices still surrounding us today."

We have also had lots of lovely audience reviews! If you want to leave a review about the show, please do it so either on ( or by leaving an audience review at the bottom of the Broadway Baby page ( 

Thank you for being so supportive. 

Team DB out!

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